About me

Welcome, and thanks for stopping iN

the travelling mystic

I’m interested in all things out here in this strange, beautiful world that we call home, and mostly in consciousness, the source of “interest” itself. A self-taught Metaphysician, dreamer, traveler, meditator, Satori chaser, mystic thinker and Freelance Writer.

This blog is a story of discovery. I headed to India on a very tight budget with a backpack, a notebook and lots of curiosity. What I found was a world of inspiration that graciously accepted me, invited me to wake up and smell the spices, and slightly overwhelmed me. From the sweltering beaches of Goa, across the width of the mighty subcontinent, and up into the cold Himalayas, follow the story, share the experience, and think about consciousness.

The story starts in Mumbai, click here to read from the beginning.

I would love to hear your comments, so feel free to leave a reply. Don’t be shy.

If you like the way I put words to the page, my Freelance Writing Portfolio can be viewed here. (Or click on the photo of me)

If you love the photography on this page, the credit must go to Nicci. Check out more of her work here.



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